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Christian Aid Week prayer from Cumbria to Sierra Leone

Jebbeh, 8 months pregnant has a checkup with nurse Judith
Will you join churches across Cumbria in prayer on Sunday 12 May?

Across Cumbria, churches will be a part of the biggest annual act of witness in the UK, with church and community events ranging from Big Brekkies to book sales to youth concerts.

Here is a prayer for Christian Aid Week, written by Deb Lee.

Deb, from St Bees, is a retired paediatrician, and mother and grandmother.

Could you support those who go out during Christian Aid Week with prayer on Sunday 12 May? 

Please pray with us that through their faithful actions the hungry are fed, the thirsty can drink, and the sick are cared for.

A prayer for more happy birth days

Happy Birthday today to over 1,000 people in Cumbria, a time of celebration and reflection. We thank God for our life and opportunities.

Today more than 10 babies will be born in Cumbria, a moment of joy and new life. We pray for all new parents, especially those facing challenges and sadness.

Today 10 mothers will die in Sierra Leone during childbirth. We pray for those who have died, and those who have lost wives, daughters, sisters and mothers, when joy and hope turned to sadness and loss.

Ten per cent of healthcare workers in Sierra Leone were killed by Ebola. We pray for their families, and thank God for the skill and compassion of all healthcare workers.

Today, in Sierra Leone, Christian Aid’s local partners are changing things for the better. We thank God that they are turning pregnancy from a time of fear and sadness to one of joy and hope.

Today, with every gift, every Big Brekkie, we can save lives. We thank God that by giving, acting and praying we can stand together to bring a new era of health and life in Sierra Leone and around the world.