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Cheltenham supporter runs half marathon for Christian Aid

Congratulations to Phil Whitefield, who completed the Cheltenham Half Marathon last week!

Phil running his half maratjon

Here's what Phil said about the run:

'We were very lucky with the weather! All the heavy rain went through before we started! I ran the first half of the course very well, at a steady 10-minute per mile pace.

'My stamina was fine, but my age then started to tell. My knees started to give pain and I felt my calf muscle tweaking, so I eased up a bit. This meant serious amounts of walking to avoid injury, but I finished it, today, and in about 2 hours 40 minutes.

'I was very pleased with the outcome, although I don’t think I should be so adventurous in the future. I really am a 60-year old, and now I feel it!

'Including Gift Aid, the total raised to date is over £3,500. I am hoping that next year, Christian Aid can find some younger, fitter runners to pick up the mantle.'


Phil at the end of his run

What a fantastic effort!

Are you ready to take the baton from Phil and run the half marathon next year?

Phil is raising money to help Syrian refugees and internally-displaced people in Lebanon and Iraq. You can still support Phil by donating to the Cheltenham Appeal