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Published on 29 January 2024

What should you talk to your Prospective Parliamentary candidates about?

With a UK general election on the horizon it's a great time to show the people vying for your vote what you care about. It's a chance to highlight what you or your church expect of them should they become your MP.

Talk to your prospective Parliamentary candidates about your experience.

Talk to them about the stories of global poverty you’ve experienced, seen or heard.

Maybe someone in your church has visited a community overseas. Maybe there’s a powerful Christian Aid Week story you just can’t forget. Either way talk to your candidates about these stories and about why you care.

Talk to them about the structural causes of poverty.

As well as your own story, talk to your candidates about the structural causes underlying poverty. There’s more information on specific issues below. 

Talk about how global wealth is at record highs but at the same time global poverty has been rising in recent years, undermining the potential for people to live in dignity. And, how a rebalancing is needed to enable everyone to live sustainably on this planet.  

Above all, remind candidates that if elected, they can help bring about an end to poverty.

Get a commitment to meet with them again

Whomever is elected MP in your constituency, it will take time and effort to tackle global poverty. But you can build the foundations of a strong and accountable relationship right now.

Ask your candidate what they think the UK’s role should be in tackling the structural causes of poverty.

Ask that, if they are elected, they commit to meet within the first hundred days of the new Parliament to outline their plans and work with you as constituents.

Talk about the climate crisis

Tackling the climate crisis. must be at the heart of any future UK government’s agenda. The effects of global heating continue to impact the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world. Whether in government or in opposition your future MP can play their part.  

Christian Aid is calling on the UK to support climate vulnerable communities and build trust on the global stage

For example, by 

  • Significantly increasing funding (in the form of grants, not loans) to support climate vulnerable countries to adapt, mitigate and respond when climate disasters strike – this is in addition to existing UK aid. 

  • Taxing the vast profits of fossil fuel companies to help provide this funding.

  • Halting all new oil and gas developments in the UK, and investing in good quality, secure green jobs. 

Talk about debt justice

Many countries in the global South are facing a debt crisis that is preventing governments from addressing the needs of their people or responding to the climate crisis - this keeps citizens trapped in poverty.

Widespread debt cancellation is needed. 

But greedy lenders (like big banks and asset management companies) have been delaying and weakening global debt relief initiatives - making vast profits as a result.  

These lenders need to be brought to the table. The UK government has the power make this happen! Because most of the debts are controlled right here in the UK. They're governed by UK law.  

Christian Aid is calling on the next government to introduce a new debt justice law. This new law would facilitate debt relief for lower income countries in debt distress.  



Talk about the need for peace

Today, the need for peacebuilding is more urgent than ever. Soon, half the world's poorest people will live in fragile or conflict-affected areas. Conflicts trap communities in poverty through repeated cycles of violence and exclusion.

The UK hasn’t done enough to promote peacebuilding and has played a role in perpetuating some of the root cause of conflicts - not least through building much of its wealth on the extraction of resources of conflict-affected countries.

Yet as one of the richest countries in the world, with influence in global fora, such as the United Nations (UN) Security Council, it can play a positive role in building a more just and peaceful world. 

Christian Aid is calling for the next UK Government to use it’s voice, money and influence to be a force for peace in the world

For example by,

  • Spending more of the UK defence budget on peacebuilding
  • Voting for peace at the UN
  • Stopping arms sales to governments or groups who are violating international law or human rights 

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For more information on these issues and to see what else Christian Aid is calling for read our Call to Action to UK Political Parties