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Published on 20 April 2023

Wow! Fossil fuel company profits are through the roof!

Last year, Shell made a record £32.2 billion annual profit in 2022, dwarfing the estimated £13 billion Pakistan needs to recover from last year’s devastating floods. 

As fossil fuel companies post record-breaking profits, the rest of the world posts record-breaking climate disasters.

It's time to make polluters pay.



Climate chaos in Malawi

Last month Cyclone Freddy became Malawi's longest lasting tropical storm, causing floods and landslides in almost half the country.

Over 1,000 people lost their lives and over half a million people had been displaced after their homes were damaged or destroyed.

Is it just that communities in Malawi pay for all this loss and damage?

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Destruction caused by Cyclone Freddy in Malawi 2023 Credit: Amaru Photography / Christian Aid
Cyclone Freddy Damage 2023

We know our world can be different. The fossil fuel companies who have caused the climate crisis have the wealth and power to build a future where all thrive. They chose not to. They chose profit for the few at the expense of life for the many. But united by hope, we know people can come together to create big change.

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbour. Through the parable of the good Samaritan, Jesus taught us that to love our neighbours, we must actively care for them. Our sisters and brothers in places like Malawi - where climate disasters are becoming more frequent - are calling for polluters to pay for the loss and damage caused by the climate crisis.

You can actively stand with our neighbours by writing to your MP and calling on them to act.

Download resources to help you to do this below.

Let’s make polluters pay

Engage Your MP

Resources to support you to engage your MP on loss and damage.

For advice and support in lobbying your MP join our ‘how to lobby' kick-starter sessions – email for more details or to register your interest.