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Published on 5 July 2024

At Christian Aid, we are not party political, but we know that poverty and its causes reflect political choices.

We’re calling on all those who play a role in governing our country to stand up for the choices needed to create a just, more equal and sustainable world.

Break bread with your MP

View our resources on how you can engage with your MP on the topics that matter to you.

Our recommendations for the next UK government:

As the climate crisis, extreme inequality and rising conflict increasingly exacerbate poverty, Christian Aid calls on political leaders to respond with the boldness, the urgency and the seriousness required.

This is not the time for tinkering around the edges or managing the status quo.

stack of coins next to a pile of bank notes
Debt relief: implement widespread debt cancellation from all creditors and support a new UN Tax Framework Convention.
scales representing 'justice'
Climate justice: secure ambitious climate finance as grants, end fossil fuel subsidies, and halt fossil fuel expansion.
Hands held together in a praying position
Invest in peace: redirect budgets from military spending to peacebuilding and conflict prevention and prevent arms sales to violators of international law.

Confronting global debt

The burden of debt is a significant barrier to development in many of the world's poorest countries.

Over 60% of African countries spend more on external debt payments than they do on health and education. Debt prevents governments from addressing the basic needs of their people or responding to the climate crisis.

Widespread debt cancellation is needed from all creditors.

Many of the loans taken out by lower income countries are governed by English law. This law is within the gift of the UK Government to change.

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Speciose Nibaruta having food (lunch) with her family on August 3th, 2023, in Mukungu-Zone village, Nyanza-Lac, Burundi. Credit: Armstrong Too
Speciose Nibaruta having food (lunch) with her family on August 3th, 2023, in Mukungu-Zone village, Nyanza-Lac, Burundi.

Christian Aid is calling on the next UK Government to introduce legislation to support debt relief for lower income countries. This could pull millions of people out of poverty.

Read our latest on Africa’s debt crisis

Tackling the climate crisis

The climate crisis is the most urgent threat facing humanity today. 2023 was the hottest year on record. And the effects of global heating continue to impact the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world – those who have done least to contribute to the problem.

Alongside others, the UK holds responsibility for causing the climate crisis.

The UK should secure ambitious climate finance and lead by example.

The next UK government must place climate action at the forefront of its agenda:

  • Significantly increasing funding (in the form of grants, not loans) to support climate vulnerable countries to adapt, mitigate and respond when climate disasters strike – this is in addition to existing UK aid.
  • Taxing the vast profits of fossil fuel companies to help provide this funding.
  • Halting all new oil and gas developments in the UK, and investing in good quality, secure green jobs.
Join us in calling for climate justice.
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Credit: Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)
Small group of people look at the destroyed building in front of them in Gaza

Be a force for peace in the world

We believe conflict needs to be tackled by dealing with root causes.

True development cannot occur without peace. Shifting focus from military spending to conflict prevention and peacebuilding is essential for sustainable development. The UK must invest in initiatives that promote peace and stability in conflict-prone regions.

Preventing arms sales to countries with poor human rights records and those engaged in ongoing conflicts is a critical step towards global peace. Supporting UN peace initiatives and ensuring that all parties in armed conflicts uphold international law will help build a safer world for all.

Christian Aid General Election manifesto

Read the full manifesto for the next government.

Why we, as Christians, care

In 1 John 3:8, we’re encouraged not to ‘love with words alone but with actions and truth’. What an opportunity we have, then, with a newly elected UK parliament to do just that.

Just as Jesus shared bread with those he encountered and those he challenged. We encourage you to break bread with your newly elected MP.

Talk to them about why you care about poverty.

And urge them to use their position in the UK Parliament to act.

This is faith in action.

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