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Cambridge Christian Aid Group - love in action

The Cambridge Christian Aid Group is the largest in the county

Over its lifetime it has raised a magnificent £1,704,306. The group coordinates some 35 churches in and around the city and its busiest time is definitely around Christian Aid Week. This year I was able to take a closer look at what was involved.

In the months leading up to CA Week 2019, the committee sent out letters to Church organisers, established what materials each Church needed, and sent off the joint order to Christian Aid.   When all the many boxes had arrived at the Chair’s house, the Committee spent a morning making up boxes for all the Churches and then organised their delivery to local organisers.  At the end of CA Week, all the paying slips were sent to the Treasurer, who totalled everything up — this year the final total was £31,144,73, 5% up on last year

Alongside the activities of individual churches, the group runs a street collection based at St Giles Church in central Cambridge. 21 people took part, with 9 collecting and the others coordinating. One collector returned to base and reported that Rowan had met him in town and congratulated him on his efforts! 

This year collections were also made in both Waitrose and Tesco, each raising around £250. The Church of the Ascension in Cambridge held a wide variety of events including street collections, a choral concert, ‘coffee, cake and conversation at café @ 99', a lecture, sponsored hymns and a sponsored walk on the St Augustine’s Way. These additions to traditional house to house collections are definitely the way ahead; and we are very grateful to this particular parish for their extremely hard work this year. Of course, other churches have held Big Brekkies, a tea dance and car boot sale amongst many other events to raise money, and for all their enterprising endeavours, we are deeply indebted.

The Cambridge Treasurer works tirelessly to ensure that the money returned is accounted for, and the whole week ends with a ‘thank-you’ party. This year, volunteer speaker Sue Claydon addressed those assembled, over tea and cake.

The Cambridge Group, though the largest, is only one of a number of large groups in the county, all of them working with love and dedication to the cause of ending poverty. Add to these the individual churches and groups also making major contributions and you have a picture of a county truly committed to Christian Aid. We thank you all. We couldn’t work without you.

Rowan Williams with the group