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1. In 2018, Christian Aid Week was supported by 57,000 volunteers across the UK.

2. That same year, we raised £8.5m.

3. 12,000 churches came together in prayer, celebration and fundraising in 2018.

4. The humble donation envelope really does matter! This year we've made some small changes to the envelope which will make real differences to how people donate.

Printer with newly printed CAW19 envelopes

5. The Christian Aid Week 2019 envelope has a mint-flavoured seal, which was designed especially for us. Test the flavour when you get your Christian Aid envelopes!

6. Speaking of envelopes: if you laid all our new envelopes from end to end, they would stretch from Land's End to John O’Groats.

7. Between 10% and 20% of UK households get an envelope.

8. In 2018, 5,500 supporters signed our campaign petition, speaking out to ensure the UK and other states uphold and protect the rights of internally displaced people.

9. The first-ever Christian Aid Week in 1957 raised a staggering £26,000 from 316 towns and areas!

10. Christian Aid Week has been running for over 60 years, making it the UK’s longest-running fundraising week! Watch our video below to celebrate this inspiring week.