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For a long time, the rains failed to come

Then in February 2017, the Kenyan government declared a national drought disaster.

In Marsabit County, Northern Kenya, at least 150,000 people are affected – and over 30% of the population are malnourished.

‘Our lives are on the line’

Dimma's family had hundreds of goats, sheep, cows and camels, but now they have only 50 goats and sheep.

In search of better pastures, her son and husband are forced to migrate for longer periods of time with their precious remaining livestock.

Your support has helped pastoral families like Dimma’s

Our local partner, the Pastoralist Community Initiative and Development Assistance (PACIDA), have been monitoring the situation in Marsabit County.


Currently, I get 3000 [Kenyan] shillings, and I get livestock feeds. [I spend it on] packets of milk, then sugar, rice, maize, beans, oil. Mainly on food.

- Dimma.

PACIDA supply much-needed water, money for food, and livestock feed. They have enabled families to stop their livestock from dying, and to rebuild their own lives.

PACIDA really helped us survive the drought.

- Dimma.

People are dying daily from hunger and malnutrition across East Africa. This is the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945.
Nyamuot Joak and her 12 month old daughter Nyayiena Gatkuoth who has just been diagnosed with Severe Acute Malnutrition
Make a difference to people living in poverty, find local opportunities and meet people in your community.
A large group of Christian Aid supporters at the Circle the City event