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Climate change is pushing Mary Ann, together with her husband Jose, to work even harder against unforgiving elements. It's getting tougher now to support their 10 children. 

This Lent, your help is urgently needed. With your gifts, you could help families like Mary Ann's to be prepared for the next devastating storm. But there isn't much time.

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How Mary Ann rises up on faith

When we met Mary Ann, we learned that she thought she'd lost three of her children in Typhoon Haiyan.

For three heart-stopping days, she had to wait for news. Although they were safe and sound, the memory upset her too much to tell us more.

Mary Ann has been squid fishing for 20 years. Every evening, she takes to the water with Jose, embracing the challenges:

It’s unusual for women to join their husbands to fish. I felt I needed to learn what my husband knows, to also help him, although I don’t know how to swim.

Mary Ann and Jose by their fishing boat
How you can rise up with Mary Ann

Since Haiyan, the weather's really changed. The typhoons now are stronger and the waves are always big. I’ve experienced several dangerous situations.

Out on the water, Mary Ann and Jose feel the climate changing in the intense heat burning their faces, and in the taste of the metallic-tinged sea spray. They feel it even more when they're praying to survive the sudden storms that whip up at sea.

Destruction and intimidation from illegal fishing is also putting pressure on Mary Ann as she works to support her family.

Every night before I go out to sea, I say a little prayer: "Lord please give us a good catch tonight". I also pray for protection when the seas get rough.

- Mary Ann, pictured with her youngest son Dave..

Every morning at dawn, a miracle happens: she comes home safe and sound, laden with squid. Your generosity has played a part in that.

With your support, our partner ICODE were able to supply Mary Ann and her family with essentials and solar batteries after Haiyan. And with your gifts this Lent, we can continue to support clean energy.

Give the gift of solar light
Mary Ann at her sewing machine

Mary Ann wasn't always a fisherwoman. She comes from a family of dressmakers, so she's a dab hand with the sewing machine. Solar light allows her to earn extra money by sewing and tailoring.

With solar light, she and Jose can also fix their squid traps after dark, and catch squid without poisoning them with kerosene lamps. The children can study and stay in education – and the family can enjoy their time together.

But with your support, they can do more.

We need more solar lights, that would be helpful. We have three at the moment but we need more for fishing, and for the home.

Clean energy allows families and communities like Mary Ann's to enjoy full and active lives, rather than just subsist at the edge of survival.

Rise up for climate justice this Lent

Your generous donation could support advocacy training, empowering communities like Mary Ann's to fight for their rights on climate change.

Standing together, you can achieve climate justice for Mary Ann, and communities like hers around the world.

Rise up against the banks’ irresponsible funding of fossil fuels, and push them to fund clean energy.

Rise up for climate justice

Will you give a gift that helps families like Mary Ann's rise up and achieve climate justice?