Lope and Eva in their fishing boat returning from fishing

Lope and his wife Eva remember what it was like when Super Typhoon Haiyan pounded their tiny island of Tabugon in 2013. Lope told us:

The wind blew so strong, the trees and houses around us were almost destroyed. Through our prayers, we were safe until the typhoon ceased.

Fishing is their only real means of income – but climate change is making that increasingly dangerous.

With your gifts this Lent, they can continue to rise up against climate change.

Be 'a force to be listened to' this Lent and Easter

Lope with boat in background

Lope with his boat in the background.

Photo: Christian Aid/Amy Sheppey

My community elected me as president... There was no justice, so we rallied as one to create a force to be listened to.


In 2015, Lope began campaigning against destructive illegal fishing, proudly leading his community.

By using their voices and leading by example, Lope and Eva are showing us what it means to rise up to life in a changing, erratic climate.

This Lent, you can also be a force to be listened to. With your generous donations, you can rise up against climate change, and help achieve climate justice.

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Rise up and continue making a difference

Lope and Eva return from fishing with their catch

Lope and Eva return from fishing with their catch.

Photo: Christian Aid/Amy Sheppey

Thanks to your generous gifts, our partner ICODE have been able to:

  • help Lope and his team patrol the seas by boat, and from a guardhouse
  • support Lope and his fellow villagers to set down hundreds of concrete jackstones, forming an artificial reef to nurture marine life
  • set up mangrove training; Eva re-plants sturdy mangrove trees that help protect the land and the sea life

With coral safely anchored and flourishing once more, fish stocks are abundant again – and illegal fishermen are kept away.

Lope and Eva, and their community, can eat well and keep their children in education. 

Standing together, we can rise up against climate change. This Lent, you can do that through your prayers, actions and donations.

Lope and Eva with their catch of fish

I don’t want money and wealth, I just want enough for my family – good health and education and to serve the community.


We sow, they reap

Eva plants mangroves, Philippines

While Eva plants mangroves, she prays that they grow big and strong to protect the environment. Tabugon, Philippines.

Photo: Christian Aid/Amy Sheppey

Eva’s words ring loud and clear:

As humans, we are supposed to be equal, so I appeal to richer nations to stop activities which are destroying the environment and violating the human rights of the poorer nations. It’s us, on this island, who are suffering.

With your actions this Lent, you can challenge HBSC to stop funding climate change around the world.

And with your gifts, people like Lope and Eva can secure their livelihoods and their children's futures.

Rise up against climate change

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