Lope and Eva, who feature in our Lent and Easter Appeal.

Climate change is happening. We can't ignore its effects any longer.

For fisherfolk like Lope and Eva and Mary Ann in the Philippines, life at the sharp end of climate change has pushed their communities to the edge of survival. 

This Lent and Easter, we’re raising £500k to support climate change projects in the Philippines, and in other countries including Burkina Faso and Kenya.

To follow Mary Ann's and Lope and Eva's stories throughout Lent, order your 'Count Your Blessings' calendar today

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How your gifts will help

With your generous support, we can:

  • Support clean energy – safe, renewable solar light supports livelihoods, and brings families and communities together
  • Protect marine life and livelihoods and support similar projects
  • Educate and empower communities to speak up for their rights

in the Philippines, and around the world in countries including Burkina Faso and Kenya.

Rise up against climate change

Will you give a gift and rise up with climate champions Lope and Eva this Lent?

About the Lent and Easter Appeal

Here in the Philippines, the changing climate has made it harder for fisherfolk like Lope, Eva and Mary Ann to support their families.

Seaweed farmers on Polopina island, Philippines, with rainbow in the background. As featured in our Lent and Easter appeal.

For some, seaweed farming is an alternative to fishing in a changing climate. Polopina island, Philippines.

Photo: Christian Aid/Amy Sheppey

Life is tougher now for vulnerable communities around the world.

As we journey through Lent and Easter, we're calling on you to rise up against climate change – before it's too late.

How you can rise up this Lent and Easter

  • Rise up for climate justice around the world by demanding that HSBC stop funding climate change. Email HSBC now

  • Rise up through prayer and reflection, following our Count Your Blessings calendar throughout Lent. Order your copy now

  • Rise up with generous gifts that fund solutions like solar lights and seaweed farming training, and supports similar projects around the world. Donate now

Rise up with Lope and Eva

This Lent and Easter, we're standing together with fisherfolk Lope and Eva Dumaguin. How are they rising up to the challenges of life in a changing, erratic climate?

Lope and Eva

Rise up with Mary Ann

This Lent and Easter, we reflect on fisherwoman Mary Ann Mahinay's story of courage. How does she navigate the wilderness of a changing climate?

Mary Ann, Jose and son by fishing boat

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