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A woman very happy to collect her hygiene kit at an aid distribution funded by Christian Aid’s Covid appeal in Adagi community, Benue State, Nigeria, November 2020.

Wall of thanksgiving

Read and share messages and prayers of thanksgiving for your coronavirus vaccine.

We have been so inspired by your messages, prayers and gifts of thanksgiving for your coronavirus vaccinations.

Please read and use the form on this page to add your own message or prayer of thanksgiving. 

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Thanks be to God!

Your gift of thanksgiving could provide a family with hygiene kits and safe water, while the vaccine is out of reach.

I thank God for the development of this vaccine in answer to our prayers. May He use it to shield and protect all who receive it

- Miranda, Christian Aid supporter.

When I learn about countries where not one person has been vaccinated how can I help but give thanks for my own privileges and for the courage and endurance of others? I ask that they may be kept safe and know that they are not alone.

- Christian Aid supporter.

In thanksgiving for us receiving our COVID vaccination. Our thoughts and continuing prayers are with those less fortunate and the suffering they endure and Thank you Christian Aid for all your loyal hard work.

- Christian Aid supporter.

My mum and dad have now both had their vaccines. My gift is in thanks for that, and in memory of my friend's loving dad, gone far too soon. xx

- Barbara Jones, Christian Aid supporter.

I thank you Lord for the vaccine role out in the UK. I pray the vaccine can become available globally for both rich and countries because you love each of us as though there was only one of us. Amen

- Jean Knowles, Christian Aid supporter.

Thanks be to God!

Your gift of thanksgiving could help buy food packages for families with malnourished children, while the vaccine is out of reach.

Thank you Lord for the miracle of this vaccine and for all who helped it to be made so quickly and delivered for all Your people and I pray that it may swiftly go round the World to save lives and restore health and wellbeing and especially to countries where it is so badly needed Amen

- Barbara Martin, Christian Aid supporter.

Heavenly Father, thank you for all those who work in the NHS, and especially those who are developing treatments and vaccines, thank you that I and other members of my family have had the vaccine and I pray that this opportunity will reach everyone in all parts of the world. Amen

- Christine Carroll, Christian Aid supporter.

Praise God for the skill of scientists and clinicians. I want everyone to share it.

- Trevor Allen , Christian Aid supporter.

Receiving the Coronavirus vaccination is like receiving a blessing. I am so glad to be able to share it.

- Christian Aid supporter.

Fe garwn ar ran fyn ngwraig a minnau dweud diolch enfawr amd y fraint o dderbyn y brechiad ac am yr holl ymdrech a gweinyddiad sicrhaodd bod cymaint wedi ei dderbyn ac y bydd yn ei dderbyn. I would indeed on belhalf of my wife and myself giive thanks for the privilege of receiving the vaccination. Thanks to all who enabled the roll out of the our locallity and throughout Wales. Diolch hefyd i gymorth Cristnogol am ddygnwch eu ymdrechion i gyrraedd yr anghenus Diolch i Dduw.

- Christian Aid supporter.

Thank you, Lord, for the vaccination for my wife. Praying for the vaccination for somebody else's wife in another country.

- Julian Chapman, Christian Aid supporter.

Thanks be to God!

Your gift of thanksgiving could help pay for a community toilet and handwashing block, while the vaccine is out of reach.