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Joyce Mwadzura, of Ngangu township in Chimanimani, photographed at what was her home before the cyclone, 24 March 2019

Joyce Mwadzura, of Ngangu township in Chimanimani, photographed at what was her home before the c...KB Mpofu/Christian Aid

Share climate justice

Our world is in crisis – with our poorest neighbours on the frontline.

Drought drives people to the brink. Storms tear families apart. Raging waters show no mercy. Our world is in crisis. We have the power to stop it.

People living in poverty, like Faith and Tadiwanashe, are on the frontline of this climate crisis. They are losing food, water, homes and family. Every day, they walk further, dig deeper and build stronger to survive.

The poorest people battle the worst of a climate crisis they did not create. This is unjust. But a better way is possible. A way that restores justice to our broken world today. A way that protects the future for all of us, our children and grandchildren.

Let us stand together with those on the frontline to fight for justice.

Share what you can to make us all equal.

We are a global movement of all faiths and none. With God’s vision of a more just world in our mind’s eye and hope in our hearts. Let us raise our voices as one to create lasting change, before it is too late.

We are the change makers. The survivors. The mighty of heart. Together we stop this climate crisis.

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Tadiwanashe’s story

When Cyclone Idai hit Zimbabwe, Tadiwanashe’s home was swept away. After warning all her neighbours, the young mother escaped by carrying her twin babies through the floods to higher ground.

It was a terrifying experience: 'We noticed that some houses around us were collapsing. That’s when I started to get really scared. I’ve never seen so much water before.'

Tadiwanashe lost everything she owned in the cyclone. She’s one of millions of people fighting to recover from climate disasters. So if a safe home matters to you, please share what you can - to help them rebuild their lives.


Tadiwanashe and her children after fleeing Cyclone Idai. - KB Mpofu/Christian Aid


Faith's story

The climate crisis is affecting people like Faith who have had to endure extreme droughts in Kenya. But her story is not of despair. Thanks to your donations, a nearby dam was built by Christian Aid and the local community.

This water source allows Faith and her family to not just survive but to thrive, enjoying life in all of its fullness.

Share what you can to make us all equal.