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Update on ITL's Round Three funding

In our Spring newsletter we reported the launch of our third round of funding for In Their Lifetime (ITL) 2.0, focused on the theme of Markets and Livelihoods.

We received 9 proposals for funding, from across 8 different countries and 3 different continents. It was a good spread of projects, locations and teams involved.  However, the funding review panel felt that the ideas submitted fell just short of the level of innovation required and the decision was taken not to fund any of those submitted but instead to work more closely with programme teams on identifying really innovative angles within the projects that would promote more learning across Christian Aid’s work, in line with ITL’s funding criteria.  It was felt that the projects submitted did not quite push the boundaries enough and – importantly - that with a bit of support from our team of globally dispersed thematic advisors, and more co-creation with our partners and affected communities, we could see something more closely aligned with the goals of ITL: impact, innovation, learning and sustainability.

Following conversations with the teams involved, we will shortly be putting out a further call for proposals and are hopeful that we will get a good response and some solid proposals coming forward over the summer.

Watch this space!