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In Their Lifetime would not exist without supporters like you. Whilst COVID may have prevented us from hosting face to face ITL events, we didn’t want you to miss the opportunity to pose your questions to the ITL project team. This is why we recently asked for any pressing questions you might have about ITL in regard to the past, present or future of the programme. We have collated all the questions we have received and recorded a virtual Q&A session for you to enjoy.

The virtual panel consists of –

  • Ray Hasan, Head of Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Global Programmes (UK)
  • Moises Gonzales, Head of LAC Regional Programme (Nicaragua)
  • Kalkidan Yimer, Programme Officer (Ethiopia)
  • Mani Kumar, Country Manager (Myanmar)
  • Philippa Juma, ITL Programme Manager (Kenya)

If you have any additional questions which you didn’t get a chance to ask please do reach out via your Christian Aid point of contact, or via the ITL inbox ( and we will do our best to respond.