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In Their Lifetime (ITL) is a community of supporters, Christian Aid staff and local partners; all with a determination to change the status quo. As part of a new series of articles we share reflections from members of this community about their reasons for supporting ITL.

As a long-term Christian Aid supporter, like many of you I am driven by a strong commitment to tackle poverty and injustice. During the last year we have all had time to pause and reflect. Everyone has been affected by covid in some way, but we have not all been impacted equally. Some of us have seen an increase in our financial capacity due to less money spent on holidays and increased returns on investments, whilst others, particularly younger generations, have had their lives badly affected both socially and financially.  

Poorer countries in particular are feeling the brunt of the pandemic, as they suffer from inadequate health care and less economic resource. They also have a high proportion of young people whose education has been disrupted. Christian Aid and other charities with local contacts have a key role to play to make sure support reaches communities where it’s most needed. 

Emergency aid can save lives, but without complementary longer-term support, it won't enable people to become more self-reliant. Ten years ago Christian Aid started a programme called ‘In Their Lifetime’ which sought to introduce programmes which would make a lasting difference. Simple things like cooking stoves to improve fuel efficiency, online information on weather and crop prices and education of girls. These projects can have a lasting impact. 

The number of projects depends on the money available. I believe that increasing the scale would have many benefits. I have given for ten years and this July I decided to double my annual donation. I feel this is a chance for those of us who have the means to do so post-covid to consider doing more, to rise to the need for the benefit of future generations. 

Worth thinking about!