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Gifts in Wills

How Love Lives On

Stories of gifts in Wills.

Thanks to Christian Aid supporters, love is alive across the world. It's in the clean, fresh water in a village in Kenya. It's in the relief supplies that reach a refugee camp in Bangladesh. And it's in the projects supporting farmers to build resilience to climate change by diversifying their crops.

You can let your love live on past your own lifetime. By leaving a gift in your Will to Christian Aid, you can help build a fairer, more peaceful world for the next generation.

Trish's story

Trish has remembered Christian Aid with a gift in her Will.

"I'm retired, but in my working life I was a shepherd. I started working with sheep when I was 20, on various farms in Galloway and in the Scottish borders. I now volunteer as a Christian Aid organiser.

I don't have a family of my own, but I've got a Christian Aid family that I don't know, who I've been helping for a long time, and I pledged a gift to Christian Aid in my Will so I can go on helping them after I've gone. I've seen that the money we give is put to good use and used wisely. Christian Aid has so much love for the world."

I don't have a family of my own, but I've got a Christian Aid family...

Maggie's story

Maggie's husband David left a gift to Christian Aid in his Will.

"I met David on a walking holiday, and two years later we were married. He was passionate about Christian Aid. He always did voluntary work for them, and when he retired he became the local secretary - it became much more like a full-time job for him!

He wanted to be pro-active in helping people. He felt that because Christian Aid was so important to him throughout his life, then with his legacy it could carry on. We all feel very proud of him."

Get in touch

If you'd like to learn more about including Christian Aid in your Will in complete confidence, we are here to help.

Contact Ali Linwood, Legacy Manager, by emailing or call 020 7523 2177.

If you are the executor or solicitor acting in connection with the administration of an estate where Christian Aid is bequeathed a legacy, and you would like to contact us or make a payment, please write to our Legacy Administration Team at: 35 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London SE1 7RT.

However, in line with government guidelines, the team is currently working remotely and we're currently unable to access post. Please email and we'll be pleased to respond to you as soon as possible.