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A mother holds her child against her shoulder whilst smiling

Make a gift in memory

Let your loved one’s light continue to shine

Give a gift in memory this Christmas

Whether this is your first Christmas without your loved one, or one of many, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We understand that this time of year can be especially hard and can bring back many memories of special times.

And just as your loved one’s light will never fade for you, it can also shine brightly for the people who need our support this Christmas.

This Christmas, your gifts in memory will help us stand together with mums like Adut, and help the next generation grow.

Climate chaos in South Sudan forced Adut to give her three children dirty water. She knew it wasn’t safe, but she had no choice. Now, with clean water, nutritious food and ways to earn money, mums like Adut won’t have to make such impossible choices.

A gift in memory this Christmas can not only help families in South Sudan and around the world stand strong, but says so much about the person it honours.


Watch Maggie’s reflection

'Then we remember that Spring will follow Winter, the flowers will grow again, and we can remember and rejoice that our loved ones lived...'

Here, Christian Aid supporter Rev Maggie Roderick shares a reflection on love, loss and remembrance at Christmas time.

For those remembering loved ones, you may be lighting candles, spending quiet moments of reflection, and bringing to mind special Christmas memories shared together.

Share your memories, celebrate your loved ones

As you remember your loved ones this Christmas, we invite you to share your own stories, memories and photos to celebrate and your loved ones on our ‘Lights that always shine’ memory wall.

Make a gift in memory

You can choose to either support our work in general, or a specific aspect: agriculture, water or education. Choose to support projects in Syria or Malawi with gifts of £1,000 or more, and see the gift multiplied.

Make a one-off gift in memory

Make a one-off donation online in memory of a loved one

Make a regular gift in memory

Set up a regular donation online in memory of a loved one

Giving a gift of over £1,000? Choose a co-funded project in Syria or Malawi

Through partnerships with UK Aid, Irish Aid, the Scottish Government, European Commission, USAID and other key donors and partners, we're able to work together and help make a large-scale, deep and lasting difference to people’s lives.

If your gift is over £1,000, you can choose to give to one of these co-funded partnerships:

  • A project in Syria. A gift to this project will help give young people in Syria a better education system, the chance to develop life skills, and access to mental health and wellbeing support services. A gift of £1,000 will mean an additional £10,000 thanks to a co-funding partnership.
  • A project in Malawi. Your gift will help farmers in Malawi break out of poverty, and earn a sustainable income by growing pigeon peas. For every £1,000 you donate, one of our partnerships will donate a further £1,155 to this project.

Get in touch to learn more about these projects

Contact our in memory giving team to learn more about our partnerships, and about the projects in Syria and Malawi. You can email them, or call them on 020 7523 2173 .

Sun setting over the horizon with a small fishing boat sailing into view

A Light in this World: create a tribute page

Create a page in memory of your loved one where you can share memories and make a donation in their memory to support our water, agriculture, education projects or our work in general.