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It’s easy to make a gift in memory of a loved one. Some families choose special days, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or even Christmas, to make an annual gift in memory of someone dear to them.

You can even choose a specific area of our work to support or you could set up a tribute fund page.

Make a gift in memory
You can choose to support our work in general, or directly support our education, water or agriculture work.

Choose how your gift in memory can change lives

If your gift is over £1,000, you can choose to give to one of our projects in Ghana, Burkina Faso or the Democratic Republic of Congo. These projects are match funded which means your gift will go further. For every £1 you donate, the European Commission will donate £3 towards the project.

For more information or to give directly to these projects, please contact Kerry or Will by emailing or call 020 7523 2170.

Ghana project

This exciting project in Ghana aims to reach over 8,500 people, who will directly benefit from training and job opportunities.

Over the next three years, the project will look to develop apprenticeships for school leavers, provide vocational skills training for people with disabilities and create opportunities for master craftsmen and artisans to mentor others in developing their trade.

Burkina Faso project

People in Soum and Tapoa, in Burkina Faso have been hit by major shocks ranging from erratic weather patterns, droughts, and floods to food price spikes.

This project aims to build resilience - giving support to help families and communities anticipate, organise, adapt and reduce their vulnerabilities to natural disasters in the areas.

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a complex, challenging country. Decades of armed conflict have left a legacy of poverty, poor governance, displacement, violence and corruption.

This project will strengthen the capacity of our partners to promote good governance at all decision-making levels across 11 provinces in the DRC.

It will also increase the ability of local people within these provinces to express their views and concerns, to give them access to information and to provide opportunities for them to learn how to defend and promote their rights and responsibilities.

A Light in this World: create a tribute page

A Light in this World is an online space where you can create a tribute page to celebrate and remember a loved one. Friends and family can share memories and give donations to support projects that reflect your loved ones. You can also use your page to organise fundraising events in memory of your loved one.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk to us about supporting our work with a gift in memory of a loved one, contact Kerry or Will by emailing or call 020 7523 2170.

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