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Volunteer in one of our offices

What kind of volunteer roles are available, and what do you need to volunteer?

Volunteers carry out a range of roles to support our staff teams in our national offices, and at our head office in London, including:

  • administrative support such as database work, contacting supporters and responding to enquiries
  • supporting campaigns, fundraising events or media and communications work
  • roles requiring specialist skills such as finance, audit, and research


Are you interested in short or long-term roles?

The opportunities available depend on the needs of the individual team. Some are long-term, while others may be short-term projects.


What you'll need to volunteer, and what we can provide

Following the rise in homeworking, more voluntary roles are being based remotely. This may require use of your own personal computer and internet connection.  

We'll offer you the support and training you'll need, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Volunteer with us

From full-time to part-time and home based, volunteers carry out a range of roles in our regional and national offices, and at our head office in London. In return for generously donating your time, we'll offer you support, training, and pay your out-of-

Liz Gwynne

Liz Gwynne has been volunteering in our Warrington office since 2006

As well as helping to keep the database up-to-date, she responds to supporter enquiries which, as a long-term supporter herself, she is well qualified to do.  

Liz likes being part of the team and enjoys learning about Christian Aid’s work.  She feels proud that she can tell people that the money they give is used effectively.

Although she has supported Christian Aid financially for many years, Liz feels that through volunteering her commitment has grown and she sees the gift of her time as a tangible expression of her faith.

Liz Gwynne, a volunteer in a Christian Aid regional office
Christian Aid volunteer sitting at a desk

Christian Baeza

Christian Baeza volunteers in our London head office

IT student Christian Baeza volunteers with the IT support team. He contributes his skills by responding to calls from staff and finding solutions to their IT problems.  

Christian is also gaining valuable work experience: developing analytical skills, learning to prioritise, and explaining solutions to staff members who may not have technical expertise.

Christian says that he is well supported by his supervisor, enjoys helping solve problems and being part of a relaxed and friendly team.