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Through lessons, assemblies and workshops, Christian Aid volunteers teach about issues of global poverty and provide opportunities for pupils to respond in practical ways. They also support teachers by offering ideas and resources.

Regular support, training and resources are provided to our volunteer teachers.

It is not essential to be a qualified teacher, but you must have previously worked with children in an educational role.

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Helen Young

Helen Young is a Christian Aid teacher in KentHelen became a Christian Aid supporter as a teenager. In 2007, she had the opportunity to see our work first hand in Kenya as part of her gap year.

Seeing how our partners work strengthened her commitment as a supporter, and last year she began offering her time as a volunteer teacher.

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Helen Young, a volunteer teacher
Helen Young, a volunteer teacher

Helen is a full-time youth worker, but she fits in visiting schools for Christian Aid around her flexible hours. She leads primary school assemblies and has recently started helping to take lessons.

Helen loves working with children, and believes that from an early age they are aware that the world is unfair and want to do something about it.  

Being a Christian Aid teacher is helping her develop new skills, while living out her faith and being part of the solution to injustice in the world.

John Griffith

John Griffith teaches in the North West.

John became a Christian Aid teacher following an inspiring talk by a Christian Aid director in 2001. A former RE teacher, he felt the role was a perfect match for his skills.

Over the years John has built relationships with many primary and secondary schools across North West England.


John Griffith, a volunteer teacher sits at a desk

He regularly leads assemblies, and occasionally contributes to lessons and workshops, on a range of themes including climate change and refugees. John is very creative and often designs and builds his own visual aids. Memorable creations include remote-controlled crabs and a full-sized cow! Though of course this isn’t an essential part of the role.

John loves to see pupils connect with the stories he tells. He works closely with the North West regional team and other volunteers to plan activities. He is regularly called upon to contribute his creative and practical skills and always enjoys the challenge of doing something new.

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