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Become a Christian Aid Speaker or Ambassador

Join our team of enthusiastic communicators who inspire others to get involved in our work.

Volunteer as a Christian Aid Speaker or Ambassador

We need people who are eager and ready to share the work of communicating our vision.

- Rowan Williams, Chair of Christian Aid.

Meet our volunteers

Speakers take stories about the projects and campaigns Christian Aid supports to churches and community groups around Britain and Ireland. They encourage people to get involved through giving, acting and praying for our work.

Ambassadors look for opportunities to develop new relationships with churches or with local business communities. They tell people about Christian Aid’s work and help them explore how they can get involved.

Anne Parker

Anne Parker is a Christian Aid speaker in Yorkshire

‘Speaking for Christian Aid has given my life a new focus, and I would advise anyone else thinking of doing so to find out more. Christian Aid will help you to become confident in the role,’ says Anne.

Anne began volunteering after travelling to Mali and witnessing Christian Aid’s work first hand. She couldn’t wait to tell the stories that she heard on her trip.

Anne speaks in churches and at midweek meetings, using Christian Aid's resources to help her. She appreciates meeting other volunteers, as they help to re-energise her. Her passion and enthusiasm for our work is obvious to all who hear her.

Anne Parker, a Christian Aid speaker in Yorkshire
Matt Waterfield, a Christian Aid Ambassador for Business

Matt Waterfield

Matt Waterfield is an ambassador to business in Gloucestershire

Matt has over 25 years’ experience of working in the insurance industry and was keen to use his skills for a cause he cares about.

As an ambassador to business, Matt builds relationships with local business leaders, talking about Christian Aid’s work and encouraging them to get involved, particularly through our SALT Business Network. An important part of the role is to learn and understand the challenges business leaders face, and identify ways where Christian Aid can add value.

Matt works with Christian Aid colleagues who help him set objectives and provide the information and resources he needs.  

Though the role can be challenging, he thoroughly enjoys meeting business people and understanding how their organisations work. Matt is excited to be part of this new project and is looking forward to contributing to the growth of the SALT Business Network.

Find a volunteering opportunity

Speakers and ambassadors are provided with support and training, a wide range of resources and out-of-pocket expenses.