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On this page you will find resources and games that can be used with children and young people in informal or non-school spaces; such as church youth settings.

We have a range of games, bible studies, activities, and projects that will help children and young people explore global justice issues, faith, and how they can take action together.

These resources can be used in multiple contexts and adapted to meet the needs of the groups you work with. Our resources have been used in church settings, as well as with groups like the Boys Brigade and Scouts.

Church Resources

Intergenerational Climate Justice Activities

This resource will support your community to explore important themes of climate justice together (age 11-111)

Big Justice Story Sack

An interactive resource for younger children in church

Climate justice and the Bible

What does the Bible have to say about climate justice? Prompt your young people to ask questions, think big and turn faith into action.

Letters For Creation

Climate justice resources made to unlock your church's hidden creativity.

'Thank You For The Rain' watch party guide

A practical guide for you to use this incredible film as a catalyst for action

Sing Up for Justice

Christian Aid has partnered with Fischy Music to create three songs reflecting on justice.


These games have been created for schools but are easily adapted into church and non-school settings.

Safe Place Ludo

Safe Place Ludo is a board game that explores the difficult journeys made by people fleeing conflict.

Fumes or Futures

Our Fumes or Futures resource pack and game looks at the issue of climate change and the need to embrace clean energy.

The chocolate trade game

Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar.

Trading trainers game

A simulation game to help the players understand how it is still possible to be poor even if you work hard for a living.

The paper bag game

A popular and highly interactive game that gives an insight into what life is like for poor people trying to earn a living.

The trading game

This game helps to show how trade affects the prosperity of a country - both positively and negatively.

Disaster zone game

If a disaster struck your home, what would you try to save? This game will help pupils explore the practical and emotional impacts of a disaster.