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4 school girls play outside their school in Northern Iraq

School assemblies

Our ready-to-use school assemblies bring global issues of poverty and injustice to life.

Our assemblies are suitable for primary and secondary school age groups and are free to download.

Most come with a PowerPoint presentation and a downloadable document for teachers.

A boy walks along a dried out riverbed in Ethiopia

Climate change and sustainability assemblies

View our primary and secondary school assemblies about climate change and sustainability.
Malaki and Naziha, featured in our Christmas Appeal

Christmas Appeal - Schools

Use our inspiring resources to show your pupils how peacemakers worldwide are helping children recover from the effects of conflict.
Agar doing homework by solar lamp light

Harvest school resources

Use our Harvest toolkit to plan and celebrate Harvest in your school – and introduce your pupils to 11-year-old Agar.
Two children cross the water at low tide in Tabugon island, Philippines

Lent and Easter schools resources

Inspire your pupils, and show them how young people are rising up to becoming climate change activists.
Children in Bolivia holding their hands under a running water tap - Christian Aid Gifts in Wills

Water and sanitation

View our primary school assemblies about water and sanitation.
Martin Luther King

Inspiring people

Download our ready-to-use school assemblies about inspiring people
Flooding Fulchori Upazila Gailbandha Bangladesh

Disaster response

View our primary school assemblies about disaster response.
A group of children writing notes at school in Ethiopia


View our school assemblies recognising the importance of education.
Nigeria malaria nets

Health assemblies

Discover assemblies about global health issues.
Rohingya refugees


View our primary school assemblies about refugees.
Lebanon Associate Najdeh Drama Class

Conflict and peace

View our primary school assemblies about conflict and peace.
Women farming vegetable garden

Food assemblies

View our range of assemblies on food.
Nicaragua Adapta programme cocoa beans

Fair trade assemblies

View our range of assemblies covering fair trade.