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Here you'll find a selection of:

designed to help pupils engage with world issues, and reflect on their own roles as global citizens.


We have created a range of games to help children explore complex issues.

Safe Place Ludo

Safe Place Ludo is a board game that explores the difficult journeys made by people fleeing conflict.

Fumes or Futures

Our Fumes or Futures resource pack and game looks at the issue of climate change and the need to embrace clean energy.

The paper bag game

A popular and highly interactive game that gives an insight into what life is like for poor people trying to earn a living.

The chocolate trade game

Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar.

Disaster zone game

If a disaster struck your home, what would you try to save? This game will help pupils explore the practical and emotional impacts of a disaster.

Forest foods forever game

A primary simulation game to encourage pupils to think about issues relating to food and hunger.

Lesson Plans

We have created lesson plans and classroom activities to cover a range of subjects

Exploring Christian Aid at school

Go exploring with your class! Our resources provide everything you need to find out about how charities work, and specifically how Christian Aid is making a difference all over the world.

Beliefs and actions in the world

This religious education teaching unit considers how faith based organisations work to change the world.

Window on the World

This resources introduces pupils to the topic of climate change.

Global Explorers

Global Explorers is a fantastic, interactive teaching resource that will stimulate thinking about global issues.

Assemblies and Collective Worship

We have a wide range of assemblies covering a wide range of subjects and seasonal themes

School assemblies

Our ready-to-use school assemblies bring global issues of poverty and injustice to life.

Collective Worship

Resources to support primary and secondary pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Sing Up For Justice

Justice-themed songs for collective worship from Fischy music.


Big Justice Story Sack

Resource for use with younger children in school

Prayer Spaces in Schools resources

Setting up a prayer space? Download free resources, created in partnership with Prayer Spaces in Schools.

Crisis Response toolkit

Resources for schools to support children explore their concerns and feelings in response to multiple crises.

Seasonal Resources

Find our adaptable resources for important celebrations and moments across the calendar

Hands Across The World

There are still 260 million children missing out on education in our world! This set of practical and exciting resources open up the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a global neighbour.

Beyond the Bake Sale

A practical tool with prompts and tips for courageous advocacy and fundraising with children and young people.
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