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We've partnered with the Prayer Spaces in School team to create six free, interactive prayer activities.

The activity themes are based around some of our projects, and focus on issues of injustice. 

Why prayer spaces are useful

They provide creative ways for pupils to reflect on, and - if they want to - pray about their identity, their relationships with others, and issues of injustice around the world.

How to set up a prayer space in your school

Prayer spaces are usually set up in a classroom, a hall or some other space in the school for a few days. Volunteers from local churches host them, in partnership with the school community.

The themes of our prayer activities

  1. Christian Aid – Women
  2. Christian Aid – House Building
  3. Christian Aid – Rising Sea
  4. Christian Aid – Peace Making
  5. Christian Aid – Children Alone
  6. Christian Aid – Clean Water


View and download our prayer activities