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What's in our resources pack?

Letters for Creation has been created with a particular journey in mind.

The journey begins with learning and understanding climate justice. We have created an assembly and climate justice lesson plan to help pupils understand the key issues.  We have also created a courageous advocacy lesson plan to help children to learn about the importance and power of their own voice and working together to create change.

The next stage of the journey is about reflecting on climate justice and using art and creativity to share visions of a just and sustainable future for people and planet. In this stage, we encourage children to make art and hold exhibitions in the local community – in school, church or another community space.

Any and all art is welcome – it could be a letter, a drawing, a photo, a poem. The only requirement is that it is reflecting on climate justice. Children can either create their artworks individually or you can create artworks as a group. Whatever the pupils choose to do, their art should reflect their hopes and visions of a just and sustainable future.

The final stage of the journey is to think about how their art can influence others. Using our Impact Toolkit for ideas, you can support the children to think about how they can best use their art to influence others in their community.

And don’t forget to send digital copies to Christian Aid – so that we can showcase the artworks online and in our work (

To order the Letters for Creation poster and postcard pack, call 08080 005 005 and quote F5000.

L4C Climate Justice lesson plan

Supports children and young people to learn about climate justice issues.

Courageous Advocacy and Prophetic Action lesson plan

Lesson plan exploring how children and young people can speak up and work together

L4C Impact Toolkit

Deepen the impact of Letters for Creation with youth leadership and local political engagement.

L4C Art Facilitation Guide: Caring Deeply, Dancing Freely

With reflective tools and activities to unlock creativity and expression. 

L4C Introductory Assembly

Download our introductory assembly for Letters for Creation

Letters for Creation Case Study

Explore the opportunities of taking part in Letters for Creation through this case study