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Welcome to the Letters for Creation church resources page.

To facilitate Letters for Creation in your church we have created some useful resources to help you along the way. 

We have written a small group guide that explores the relationship between faith, justice, and climate change. The resource takes small groups through spaces of prayer and reflection and exploring more of what the bible has to say. This resource can be used by adult members of your congregation and older young people willing to explore and grapple with issues. 

The All Age Service plan with accompanying sermon notes. The All Age Service is designed to facilitate intergenerational conversation through a series of activities that gets your congregation young and old talking, reflecting, and doing things together. 

We have a Letters for Creation Youth resource aimed at 11-18s that can be used across some Sunday morning sessions or mid-week youth sessions. This resource aims to support young people to explore discipleship and its relationship to climate justice with some games, activities, and discussion topics along the way. 

The Impact Toolkit has some helpful tips and ideas to help you think about how you can take the art your church or group makes and use it to influence other people and key decision makers. 

Additionally, we have the Art Facilitation Guide which was adapted from a piece written by artist, Adam Walker, is created to help you get into creative spaces through a series of activities and reflections.

Letters for Creation Small Group Guide

A guide to facilitate small groups to explore faith, the Bible, and climate justice.

All-age talk and activities

A talk and activities for use with younger people.

Art Facilitation Guide for Churches

Suggested activities and reflections to help facilitate creative spaces for art making. 

Impact Toolkit for Churches

This resource has suggestions and tips for making sure that taking part in Letters for Creation can have an impact with the wider community and decision makers. 

L4C Church Youth Resource (11-18s)

A resource to use with church youth (11-18) that explores faith and climate justice.