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Letters for creation

This Christian Aid Week, will you join us in writing letters for creation?

The climate crisis is one of the most critical issues of our time. And children everywhere are showing real insight and leadership on this issue.

Together with the Church of England, we want to share pupils’ reflections with the leaders of our world.

Could your pupils use their creative skills to develop a ‘think piece’ on the beauty of the natural world and the importance of climate justice?

Whether you are a parent at home with your children, or a teacher providing content to your pupils, you can use the Letters for Creation pack to introduce young people to the theme, and invite them to create a piece of writing, music, drama, or artwork on climate justice. Find out more about the project here

Or, if you are a school in Wales, please send them to:

Christian Aid Wales, Churchgate Court, 3 Church Rd, Cardiff CF14 2DX

Thank you for your support, and for standing together with us for climate justice.