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What is the application process and how much does it cost?

How to apply:

Follow the steps below to apply for the Global Neighbours award.


Registration is free. There's only a charge when your school applies for an award.

This is to cover the basic costs of an assessor’s time and travel, and of running the scheme. You will be invoiced after the assessment has taken place.

  Bronze Award Silver & Gold Award(s)

Very small (less than 100 pupils)

          £70              £260

Small (between 100 & 210 pupils)

          £90              £335

Large (more than 210 pupils)

          £110              £410

Step 1:  SIGN UP   

If you haven’t already, register for the scheme.

Step 2:  GET READY  

Once you have registered you will receive an important confirmation email (keep this safe!). This includes a link to a webpage where you can download the Global Neighbours Resource Pack containing the Self Evaluation Form and some helpful documents and resources.


Your confirmation email also includes a link to sign up for a Global Neighbours training webinar which at least one person from your school needs to attend as you start working on your application.


Use the Self Evaluation Form to review your current practice. This is best done in collaboration with a colleague or a small group of colleagues. Note the current status of each criterion in your school, and start to add examples of evidence to support your judgement. If the requirements of a criterion are not yet fully embedded, indicate in the ‘Action Points’ column what you plan to do to move your practice forward.

Use the handbook, training webinar and materials on the Global Neighbours website for ideas on what you could do in each category. Start building up a body of evidence and add it to your Self Evaluation Form.

Step 5: REVIEW

Allow some time to put your action points into practice. After a period of (for example) six months, review your current status again and amend the form as appropriate, adding any new supporting evidence. Update your action points to show how you plan to address any criteria that are not yet fully embedded.

You may need to repeat this step more than once until you are satisfied that you have met the criteria for the Global Neighbours award. Most schools need at least three full terms to move their practice forward to the point at which they are ready to make their Global Neighbours application.


Once you are satisfied that the requirements of all the criteria are either embedded or fully embedded, you are ready to submit your application. You can apply for accreditation online via the link you received in your confirmation email. 

On the application page, you will be asked to submit your Self Evaluation Form. You also need to submit a curriculum overview and collective worship overview. For both of these, please highlight clear examples of global citizenship education. You can also choose to submit up to 3 further supporting documents.


If you have applied for a BRONZE award, an assessor will review all of your documents, speak to the Global Neighbours lead on the phone and then make a decision based on the evidence you provide (there is no assessor visit for a Bronze award). 

If you have applied for a SILVER OR GOLD award an assessor will contact you to arrange a school visit. They will be looking for information and evidence about how your school has engaged with all five areas of the Global Neighbours framework. The assessor will either award your school or provide advice about things you could do to achieve an award next time. You will be invoiced after the assessment has taken place.    


You will be sent the assessor’s decision and report. Hopefully, that will mean your school can celebrate its hard work with an award. If the assessor felt more work is needed, that will be outlined in the report.   


To help you celebrate your school’s success on the Global Neighbours you will be sent a press release to help inform the local media. Christian Aid will also send you your award notice and letterhead logo, plus a special certificate. The award lasts for up to three four academic years. At the end of the award period, you will be able to re-apply.   

If you were not successful in attaining an award at the first attempt, you can use the feedback to help you apply again.