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Global Neighbours Cymru is our way of supporting, recognising and celebrating all that primary schools in Wales are doing to provide good global education.

To achieve accreditation, schools will demonstrate how they are fulfilling criteria relating to:

  • school leadership
  • teaching and learning
  • collective worship
  • spiritual development 
  • pupil participation in active global citizenship
  • community engagement

How will schools benefit from the scheme?

Global Neighbours Cymru provides a framework for thinking about global citizenship education in schools. You will get ideas for curriculum and collective worship activities to equip you to weave a global perspective into your current curriculum provision, which will support you in helping young people to become active global citizens.

The scheme aims to increase pupils’ understanding of the root causes of poverty and injustice, as well as engage and empower pupils as agents of change in the transformation of our world.

Global Neighbours Cymru supports the Curriculum for Wales because it:

  • supports schools to focus on the four purposes, particularly the statements of what matters in the humanities.
  • encourages pupils to explore how influences, decisions and actions impact on themselves, on others and on wider society, both now and in the future, supporting some of the statements of what matters in health and wellbeing.

Global Neighbours Cymru can also enhance Religious Education provision in schools by increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding about why and how Christians, along with people of other faiths and those of no faith, want to change the world to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

By helping pupils to claim their voice as global citizens, participation in the scheme will support schools develop and showcase their work in helping their pupils to become active global citizens and courageous advocates for change in the world, from a local to global level.

It's also especially useful for meeting some criteria in the Section 50 inspection of Church in Wales schools.

For further information, download the handbook: Global Neighbours Cymru primary handbook.

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Let’s join together to show our young people the power they have to transform this world.