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These GCSE lesson plans have been written in conjunction with RE Today, to support the 2016 RE GCSE specifications.

The lessons in this series cover the following subjects:

  1. Interview with Rowan Williams
  2. What kind of charity is Christian Aid?
  3. What is the point of modern Christian mission?
  4. What is evil? Is there a solution to suffering?
  5. What is church?
  6. Salvation: spiritual or practical?


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Salvation: spiritual or practical?

This lesson explores a central belief of Christianity: that humans are sinful and that they can be ‘saved’. It looks at different Christian teachings about salvation:through faith (Paul) and through deeds/action (James).

What is the point of modern Christian mission?

This lesson explores the history of Christian mission, and different definitions of that word today. It considers the extent to which Christian Aid, a charity that expressly does not proselytize, might be said to engage in modern Christian mission.

What is ‘church’?

This lesson presents different interpretations of the word ‘church’, exploring whether it relates more to buildings or to people. It considers the worldwide church, and Christian Aid’s place within that.

What is ‘evil’? Is there a solution to suffering?

This lesson explores the problems of evil and suffering in a Christian context. Students are encouraged to consider different forms of evil and to debate whether suffering is gendered.

What kind of charity is Christian Aid?

This lesson considers Christian Aid’s foundations as a Christian charity, with reference to biblical teachings.

What’s faith got to do with world issues?

This lesson features an interview with Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and the former Chair of Christian Aid.