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A woman stands outside her house which has partly collapsed from the earthquake in Nepal

Disaster zone game

If a disaster struck your home, what would you try to save? This game will help pupils explore the practical and emotional impacts of a disaster.

Age: 9+ / youth group (11-18)

These resources challenge pupils to think about disasters and emergencies.

The interactive simulation game, Emergency Exit, shows the devastating impact of a disaster on a community living in poverty.

Participants must plan the evacuation of a flood-hit area in either a particularly poor part of Metro Manila, a region of the Philippines, or the village of Balashighat in Bangladesh.

Download our resources

Disaster Zone: all resources

Download all of our Disaster Zone resources in one go through a zip file.

Disaster alert: secondary school assembly

This assembly will help pupils to understand more about disasters and can be used in response to a new disaster when it happens.

Disaster zone school presentation

This presentation introduces the topic of disasters and can be used alongside the disaster zone game.

Disaster zone: notes for teachers

These teaching notes are designed to help teachers prepare for the disaster zone game.

Disaster zone simulation game

This simulation game challenges pupils to think about what they would do in emergency situations.

Disaster zone case study: Haiti

This case study includes facts, figures and eyewitness accounts from the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.

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Three boys carry home emergency aid kits after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Disaster strikes

Disasters can be devastating! But so much can be done to reduce the effects on people’s lives.
Banaba, San Mateo in Manila is flooded with local residents standing outside makeshift houses in the rain

Crazy Climate primary resource

Our Crazy Climate resource pack explores the issue of climate change and poverty.