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Children and Young People are integral to building a fairer and more sustainable world for everyone. Courageous Advocacy equips them with the skills, tools, confidence, and opportunity to speak up and take action on issues of justice. Courageous Advocacy is an integral part of the Church of England Education Office's vision for education.

The Children and Young People's hub at Christian Aid is dedicated to resourcing those who work with children and young people, to support their learning, not only to learn about global justice issues, but to provide tips and tools to support them to help shape the world around them through courageous advocacy and campaigning.

Our commitment is to support children and young people to use their agency with autonomy and freedom on the issues they care about. We provide learning and advocacy tools on themes and issues we work on that empower children and young people to make up their own minds and act accordingly. 

Courageous Advocacy guide

This document is offered as a guide and a support to help schools, school leaders and SIAMS inspectors to explore the concept of courageous advocacy and what that might mean in the unique context of each school.

Beyond the Bake Sale

A practical tool with prompts and tips for courageous advocacy and fundraising with children and young people.

Courageous Advocacy and Prophetic Action lesson plan

Lesson plan exploring how children and young people can speak up and work together

Courageous Advocacy Case Study

Share in the lessons learned by Shocklach Oviatt CE Primary School

Courageous Advocacy and Political Impartiality

Political Impartiality guidance for schools undertaking courageous advocacy and global citizenship education. 

Global Neighbours accreditation scheme

Want to empower the next generation of agents of change? Learn more about our school accreditation scheme.

Courageous Advocacy Planner

Courageous Advocacy planner that has been generously shared with us by Blackburn Diocese. (External Website).