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Our 2021 Statement of Intent

Every year we will work with Salt members to develop annual ‘Statements of Intent’ – areas we are going to commit to and focus on for the year ahead.

We believe the business of the future must be both profitable and purposeful. Capitalism, detached from people and planet, is flawed. We believe business must be a force for good and support the creation of a more just and sustainable world.

We believe strong values based business leadership is fundamental to the future flourishing of all stakeholders.

As values-based leaders, we therefore commit to: 

  • Foster multilateral partnerships across sector, in local and global communities, to push beyond social, environmental and economic breakeven benchmarks 
  • Listen, learn and pioneer outcomes that boost the Sustainable Development Goals  
  • Recognize and honour faith and belief as drivers of sustainable businesses 
  • Accept the climate and ecological crises we face and put in place plans and processes that pursue carbon neutrality and biodiversity enrichment 
  • Pursue appropriate democratisation of business operations and seek to maximise stakeholder engagement, welfare and value 
  • Respect truth, transparency and ensure human rights are upheld throughout our supply chains