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Three business leaders sit looking at a screen as members of the Salt Business Network

Salt Membership

Are you a business leader looking to play a critical part in ending the scandal of poverty?

Where business leaders put their values to work to transform business and communities

We stand together as a network, united by our shared Christian values, to transform businesses locally and globally as a force for good.

We inspire businesses to champion our values of love, dignity, equality and justice.

With our collective power and energy, we aim to give people of all faiths and none a way out of poverty, by championing good business practices.


Introducing the Salt Business Network

Discover our vision for business as a force for good. 

Salt vision

Discover the vision of the Salt Business Network

Salt - how to get involved

Find out how you can get involved with Salt

Salt pledge

Find out about the Salt pledge

Joining the movement

The network is open to anyone who owns a business or is in a senior management position within a commercial organisation.

It is for leaders who want to join a movement to learn more about business and sustainable development through the lens of faith.

Find out more by emailing the Salt Network Manager:

Meet some of our members

Our members come from all walks of life but together we help them live out their faith in the workplace. People such as: 

  • Simon Hickman, CEO, Access Insurance Services
  • Stuart Green, Founder, know research
Discover why they became involved with Salt

Become a Salt member or join our mailing list

Help us shape the direction of a network that wants to demonstrate the power of faith and business in action.  Become a member today by signing up to the Core Salt Pledge and you can receive regular updates from us.

Give to the Philanthropic Capital Fund

An opportunity for strategic giving to maximise sustainable social impact for you and your corporate responsibility.