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How members are supported

Members are given support both online, through exclusive content and resources, and offline at events and workshops.

Events and workshops also provide time and space to network and for members to reflect on their business, in the context of their faith.

As part of the membership commitment, members sign the Core Pledge and can choose to sign one or more statements of intent each year.

There are also opportunities for members to work together to develop ideas and strategies for achieving their pledges and develop peer to peer accountability.

Find out more about the Salt Core Pledge

What does membership include?

  • Exclusive content 
  • Digital community  
  • Annual conference 
  • Strategic giving 
  • Workshops  

Workshops and training material

In conversation with Christian Aid, partner organisations and members, explore business solutions and strategies that will increase your ability to live out your faith in the workplace.

Exclusive content

Receive relevant content and tools from leading thinkers in the business, faith and development sectors, both online and at workshops.

Digital community

Join the conversation by connecting and engaging with like-minded business leaders across the UK.

Remain up-to-date with articles, videos and guest blogs that will continue to contribute to your thinking about your identity, responsibility, and ability as a business leader.

Annual event

You'll get priority booking for this pivotal event, which draws together business people from across the UK with keynote speakers and strategists to focus on faith, business and development in the 21st century.

Strategic giving

Membership is free; the only commitment members make is to sign the Core Pledge.

Salt members will also have opportunities to support some of Christian Aid’s most innovative work, and travel with us (at member’s expense) to see some of this work first-hand.   

This can either be via individual donation, corporate donation or by fundraising.

Give to the Philanthropic Capital Fund

An opportunity for strategic giving to maximise sustainable social impact for you, and your corporate responsibility.