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At Christian Aid we believe that tackling poverty and creating a sustainable world can be achieved by uniting the strengths of faith and business.

Our vision is to create a movement of business leaders working together as agents of change, leading best practice within their own businesses and in the wider, global community.

Founded on strong theological principles, the Salt Business Network aims to inspire businesses and business leaders to be the 'salt of the earth and the light of the world' (Matthew 5:13-16) in advancing God's work here on earth. 

It is also grounded in learning and action. Through our workshops, online community and at events, leaders have the opportunity to explore the impact businesses large and small have on our world and re-frame what it means to be in business.

In keeping with this vision, we are growing and shaping the network in conjunction with local business leaders.

Having first launched the London hub in October 2016, we are now launching hubs throughout the UK and plan to open multiple hubs in the UK and across the world by 2020.

The Salt pledges

To maximise the impact of the network, we encourage Salt members to commit to achieving three pledges or discipleship challenges across the year.

In turn, we equip our members with the knowledge and tools they need to meet these goals. 

The pledges are:

  • Lead change in business by developing and implementing responsible business practices

  • Provoke a community of change across faith and business networks by speaking out to the wider business sector, church community and policymakers on issues that affect the world’s poor

  • Resource change by using their skills and charitable giving to increase the scale and impact of innovative enterprise projects in some of the world’s poorest countries.


How do members participate?

Members have the opportunity to engage online as well as at workshops and events.

Salt workshops form the key component of the Salt Network. Giving participants the opportunity to reflect on their business, in light of their faith, and to work together to develop ideas and strategies for making their pledges a reality. 

Workshops are organised by topic, such as Business and human rights or Values-based business models, to support our member's discipleship journey.

Members also have the opportunity to meet at regular intervals across the year, including at annual events and conferences. 

Are you interested in joining a ambitious learning and action network committed to tackling global inequality?

Find out more about Salt membership.