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Salt business network provides ladder out of poverty for marginalised communities

The Christian Aid Business Network

Business leaders committed to achieving a world without poverty

A faith and business movement

Are you a business leader wanting to better understand and engage with the realities of global poverty?

The Salt Business Network provides a unique opportunity to learn about, support and engage in building sustainable solutions for the world's poorest communities. 

Uniting the strengths of faith and business to lead, provoke and resource change across the globe.

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About the Salt Network

A faith and business network bringing business leaders together to achieve a world without poverty.
Three business leaders sit and look at a screen as members of the Salt Business Network

The Salt Network Membership

Are you looking to align your faith with your business? Discover how Salt membership can support your discipleship journey.
The Salt Business network events

Salt Business Network events

Book the latest events from the Salt network. From workshops to talks and conferences.

Salt Conference 2020

Radical Leadership. Inspiring leaders to re-think impact.
Christian Aid and the private sector

Christian Aid and the Private sector

Christian Aid works closely with the private sector to support our vision of creating a more just, sustainable world. Read more about our work.
Salt Business Network Teaser workshop topics

Workshop topics

From building a values-based business model to addressing modern day slavery, explore the range of topics covered in Salt workshops.
A woman in India involved with the Salt Business Network

Salt Business Network from Christian Aid

Download a whole range of resources to support your learning with Salt. From workshop briefings on modern day slavery to case studies.

Latest Salt news

Salt newsletter December 2018

Download the last Salt newsletter of 2018. We're reflecting on our work in Bolivia, the first Salt conference, and more.

Salt newsletter March 2019

Download the first Salt newsletter of 2019. What place does business have in Creation care, and our role as 'courageous stewards'?

Salt Business Network's June 2017 Newsletter

Download the Salt Business Network's June newsletter and learn about building a values-based business model. 

Salt newsletter April 2019

Download April's Salt newsletter - including impact investing as a tool for justice, and our place in the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Salt Newsletter April 2020

Download the Salt newsletter for April, covering becoming a leader of impact and more.

Salt Newsletter January 2020

Download the Salt newsletter for January covering leadership and models of development. 

If you would like to find out more about Salt, become a member or just keep up-to-date on Salt activities, please get in touch. 

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