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World in disunion: Climate change and the 2023 Rugby World Cup

This report calculates the devastating economic harm that climate vulnerable Pacific islands will face due to climate change.

Addressing impunity for gender-based violence among displaced communities in Haiti

This report highlights challenges for GBV survivors in Haiti's displaced and suggests ways to strengthen accountability mechanisms.

The 16th IMF Quota Review

Opportunities for greater representation of the global South in international economic decision-making.

Improving the Choices and opportunities for adolescent girls - A toolkit for faith leaders

Improving the Choices and opportunities for adolescent girls - A toolkit for faith leaders

The climate cost to the Commonwealth

An assessment of the economic threat climate change poses to Commonwealth nations.

A feminist social contract rooted in fiscal justice

This essay focuses on public financing for public services, the structural constraints and challenges faced by Global South nations and people...

Afghanistan Crisis Appeal 12-month update December 2022

A review of our work since the launch of our 2021 appeal.

Public Debt in Private Hands

Challenging private creditors holding sovereign debt

SABI Learning Paper

SABI: GESI, Power, Politics and COM-B

SABI Learning Review

Review of SABI programme designed to improve government services in Sierra Leone.

Profit before People and Planet

A collaborative report exploring why the Brazilian Amazon and its people need economic justice.

Risky business: private sovereign debt, fiscal crises and human rights

This brief looks at risks for vulnerable economies and its impact on human rights and sustainable development.

The cost to Africa

Our study highlights the devastating economic impact climate change will inflict on the African continent.

Economic Injustice Just Scripture Study: James 5:1-6

A Just Scripture study which explores the theme of economic injustice using James 5:1-6

Tipping Point report

This report explores how the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to push the world's poorest to the brink of survival.

Development of Inclusive Markets to Build Peace in Colombia

Development of Inclusive Markets to Build Peace in Colombia

Equality at All Levels report

A report from Christian Aid calling for faith actors and secular feminists to join forces to push for global equality for women.

Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery Act