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Illicit drugs and tough trade-offs in war-to-peace transitions

Millions of marginalised people rely on illicit drug economies - often deeply intertwined with armed conflicts - for their survival. But Agenda 2030, particularly Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16, makes no mention of illicit drug economies. It is clear that the war on drugs has not worked, and it is increasingly recognised that a new, development-based approach to tackling illicit economies is needed. But at present, the evidence base to inform such policies is weak. This report presents evidence on why illicit drugs are a development issue and why they matter for peacebuilding, before discussing the problem with current approaches, and the implications for drugs, peacebuilding and development policy. Report authors: Ross Eventon and Eric Gutierrez

Afghanistan Crisis Appeal MS PowerPoint

Use this presentation in services for a church collection

Afghanistan Crisis Appeal poster

Download this poster to promote the appeal in your church.

Prayer for Afghanistan - English

Share this prayer for Afghanistan with your church.

Prayer for Afghanistan - Welsh

Share this Welsh-language prayer for Afghanistan with your church.

The Monsoon Accessorize Trust

The Monsoon Accessorize Trust

South Africa learning review

Learning from our work in South Africa

Poverty over presentation

Age: 16+ / Sixth form Subject areas: Geography, RE A sixth form presentation looking at poverty and how it affects people around the world. 

Poverty over workshop

Age: 16+ / Sixth form Subject areas: Geography, RE For students aged 16 and over to explore different approaches to defining global poverty, how poverty is an issue of power as well as material hardship and how Christian Aid is working with communities to tackle poverty.

Sermon and Prayer pack

Download our sermon and prayer pack to use in your Christmas services.