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Baseline Survey of Early Warning and Early Response Systems

This report is a baseline survey on the early warning and early response systems in Benue, Kaduna and Plateau States. It explains the capacity and resources available and how the project can support and strengthen the different state structures to be better responsive to any disaster especially flooding.

Weekly worship: Sunday 28 July

'Lord, teach us to pray...'

Weekly worship: Sunday 7 July

Wisdom from unlikely sources. 

Weekly worship: Sunday 14 July

Measuring up to God’s justice.

Weekly worship: Sunday 21 July

What are the unjust practices that go unchallenged today?

Weekly worship: Sunday 23 June

When even the prophets felt discouraged or overwhelmed...

Weekly worship: Sunday 30 June

The fruits of the Spirit.

Weekly worship: Sunday 2 June

The source of our action and being in the world.

Weekly worship: 16 June – Trinity Sunday

An invitation to listen to wisdom’s call. 

Just Scripture for facilitators: Lent and Easter

Notes for facilitators to help run a group Bible discussion session on the theme of climate change for Lent and Easter 2019.

Weekly worship: second Sunday in Lent, 17 March

Believe that another world is possible.

Daily reading: 16 February

‘The womb that bore you.’

Weekly worship: Sunday 17 February

The best a human can get. 

Weekly worship: Sunday 10 February

The role of partnerships in the mission of God.

Weekly worship: Sunday 3 February

Saving our children’s future by saving our planet today.

Weekly worship: Sunday 13 January

Sermon notes: Baptism of the Lord