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Briefing paper: 'Sinking Cities, Rising Seas'

What this paper is about This paper looks at eight city case studies across Asia, Africa, the UK and the United States, including cities most vulnerable to climate change. It explores: some of the underlying reasons for those cities' vulnerability the additional impact that climate change will have on their people

Kenya: guide to contribution analysis methods

Contribution analysis was used within a series of theory-based evaluations of Christian Aid’s governance portfolio in 2015, specifically in the Kenya country study.  The approach was used to try to understand and evidence to what extent Christian Aid’s and its partners’ governance approaches has contributed to better health outcomes.  This methodological guide was one of the deliverables of the evaluation and is aimed at Christian Aid staff who are interested in understanding alternative approaches to evaluating governance and other hard-to-measure areas of work.  The guide introduces the theory behind contribution analysis and the practical steps taken in applying the approach during the evaluation in Kenya.  Related resources Kenya: a closer look at older age and disability in health programming

Recruitment information for candidates: for the UK and Ireland

This is a summary of information relating to the recruitment of new employees in the UK and Ireland. This document is a general overview to support candidates/applicants during the recruitment process.    

Editable flyers

Hand these flyers out around your community. You can edit them to include details about your fundraising event.

Editable flyers - Coffee for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite people to join you at your Christian Aid coffee morning.

Editable flyers - Quiz for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to advertise your Christian Aid fundraising quiz.

Editable flyers - Concert for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite people to your Concert for Christian Aid. 

Editable flyers - Bake for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite people to Bake for Christian Aid.

Editable flyers - Shop for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite your family, friends and community to Shop for Christian Aid. 

Code of Conduct in Portuguese

The Portuguese translation of the conduct, policies and code of behaviour you are expected to follow as a Christian Aid employee.