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Your Guide to Wills and Legacies

With a gift in your Will, the loving care you show to your global family can live on.

2019 General Election guide

2019 General Election guide

The Time Is Now mass lobby guide

Download this guide to find out everything you need to about The Time is Now mass lobby event. 

Briefing paper: 'Sinking Cities, Rising Seas'

What this paper is about This paper looks at eight city case studies across Asia, Africa, the UK and the United States, including cities most vulnerable to climate change. It explores: some of the underlying reasons for those cities' vulnerability the additional impact that climate change will have on their people

Draft codicil form for amending a Will

You should be able to amend your Will cheaply and simply with a legal document known as a codicil. Ask your solicitor about adding a codicil to your Will.

Christian Aid global competency model

Christian Aid’s global competency model describes the main skills and abilities that everyone needs to demonstrate in order to perform effectively in their role at Christian Aid.

Christian Aid diversity and inclusion policy

Christian Aid is committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity, creating an inclusive environment and combating unfair treatment. Equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination is a fundamental human right and we will exercise leadership and commitment in promoting this right.    

Recruitment information for candidates: for the UK and Ireland

This is a summary of information relating to the recruitment of new employees in the UK and Ireland. This document is a general overview to support candidates/applicants during the recruitment process.    

Essential information about work permit and visa requirements

Information about the documents you will need to provide if you are applying for a position in the UK.

Editable flyers

Hand these flyers out around your community. You can edit them to include details about your fundraising event.

Editable flyers - Coffee for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite people to join you at your Christian Aid coffee morning.

Editable flyers - Quiz for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to advertise your Christian Aid fundraising quiz.

Editable flyers - Concert for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite people to your Concert for Christian Aid. 

Editable flyers - Bake for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite people to Bake for Christian Aid.

Editable flyers - Shop for Christian Aid

Use these editable flyers to invite your family, friends and community to Shop for Christian Aid.