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L4C Introductory Assembly

Download our introductory assembly for Letters for Creation

DFTW - Christmas and Epiphany

Download our Christmas and Epiphany Drink from the well Assembly. 

L4C Climate Justice Lesson Plan (Welsh)

Climate Justice lesson plan in Welsh.

L4C Courageous Advocacy and Prophetic Action (Welsh)

Showing how children and young people can speak up and work together for climate justice.

L4C Climate Justice lesson plan

Supports children and young people to learn about climate justice issues.

L4C Impact Toolkit

Deepen the impact of Letters for Creation with youth leadership and local political engagement.

L4C Art Facilitation Guide: Caring Deeply, Dancing Freely

With reflective tools and activities to unlock creativity and expression. 

L4C Courageous Advocacy and Prophetic Action lesson plan

Showing how children and young people can speak up and work together

Climate Justice Learning Journey poster

Download our new resource charting a course through the academic year to support children and young people to learn and act together.

Drink From The Well: Harvest assembly

Download our Harvest assembly for primary and secondary schools

TapSimple Poster

Use our donation poster to indicate how much supporters will give by tapping the device.

Sanitise your Hands Poster

Display this poster alongside your device to encourage users to sanitise their hands.

Safety tips for TapSimple Devices

Read our advice on using TapSimple in light of Covid-19, including options for taking donations.

Fumes or Futures assembly powerpoint

This powerpoint on climate change accompanies the Fumes or Futures assemblies resource.

Fumes or Futures: game instructions

These instructions explain how to play the Fumes or Futures board game. (Game board and cards downloadable as separate resources). 

Fumes or Futures: game board

This board accompanies the Fumes or Futures game. Please note, this should be printed A3 size.

Fumes or Futures: game cards

These game cards accompany the Fumes or Futures game.

Fumes or Futures poster

Fumes or Futures poster. Please note this should be printed A4 size.