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Simmons and Simmons

Simmons and Simmons partnering for a fairer and more just world

Sarah Corbett's Faith in Action [VIDEO]

Sarah Corbett's Faith in Action [VIDEO]

Geoff Holder's Faith in Action [VIDEO]

Geoff Holder's Faith in Action [VIDEO]

Rosemarie Mallett's Faith in Action [VIDEO]

Rosemarie Mallett's Faith in Action [VIDEO]

November meditation

28 words of peace.


Christian Aid’s partner Traidcraft offers one of the widest ranges of fair trade products available online.

World Refugee Day Prayer

A prayer for World Refugee Day, remembering all who are making difficult journeys and facing an uncertain future as they seek refuge. Words provided by Rev Dr Sam Wells.  

May meditation

This month we join in prayer with Vilia who prays for her community in Haiti and for us all. May her words be an inspiration and encouragement to us all as we pray, act and give for a world where we stand together against injustice as sisters and brothers across the world.

Gift Aid form

Gift Aid form

August meditation

You are the light.

July meditation

You are the salt.

Keeping fundraising legal and safe

Health and safety guidance to consider when organising your own fundraiser.

Customisable fundraising press release

Let everyone know about how you are helping to fight poverty by adding your own details to this press release and sending it on to your local media.

Events risk management guide

This guide provides all you need to manage risks at your fundraising events.