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Alternative nativity

Download our What-if-ity drama script for alternative nativity to use in your church.

Climate Justice Learning Journey poster

Download our new resource charting a course through the academic year to support children and young people to learn and act together.

Christian Aid Remote Monitoring Learning Review

About our staff's experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic


Download our Chatterbox and have a go with family and friends at some impossible choices mums face.

Christmas poster

Download and print this poster to show that your church is standing with mums this Christmas.

Christmas Dioceasan article

Download our Diocesan article

Sermon and Prayer pack

Download our sermon and prayer pack to use in your Christmas services.

Financial Crime and Abuse Policy

English-language version

Global Day of Action Briefing

Download our guide to the day of action and how to get your church involved

'When out of poverty is born' video

Play this traditional choir recording in your service

When out of poverty is born lyrics MS PowerPoint (English)

Download for your congrgation to sing along to.

'When out of poverty is born' lyrics

Download the lyrics to our specially written hymn.