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Christian Aid Week

Let’s come together as an Island this Christian Aid week and raise £35,000 to support women like Esther and Jen to give their children a great future. 

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Esther Saizi in a church near her home. Credit: Adam Haggerty/ Christian Aid
A portrait of a Malawian woman smiling in a church

We are a community that helps one another a lot, even if I am out of salt, I can go to my neighbour’s place so that I can borrow some salt, and if people face a problem, we do not allow them to suffer alone. We make sure that we shop for them and help them in anyway.

- Esther Saizi.
Give the gift of hope this Christian Aid Week

Support families in Malawi with our humble pigeon pea appeal.

Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their own lives. Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality. We urge you to join us.

The Challenge

Soaring costs of food and essentials are crushing dreams, keeping people in desperate poverty. Children are robbed of the chance to go to school. Their families can’t pay the fees, and they are forced to give up on their hopes for the future. Farmers are struggling to survive in the face of the climate crisis.

This is unfair and keeps families locked in poverty. And the future is precarious, with the threat of more devastating droughts, floods and storms – the effects of the climate crisis – affecting the most vulnerable families.


IOM Christian Aid Week 2024 Worship pack

Turn peas into prospects this Christian Aid Week with out worship pack.

IOM Christian Aid Week 2024 fundraising ideas

A guide on how to help this Christian Aid Week.

The Solutions

For thousands of farming families in Malawi, pigeon peas are a route out of poverty. The mighty pigeon pea is drought resistant, so thrives in the dry fields of southern Malawi. It’s an essential part of the diet of millions of people around the world.

This Christian Aid Week we share the challenges experienced by communities in Malawi. Climate change, global conflicts and increased cost of living mean that in Malawi, soaring costs of food and essentials are crushing dreams, keeping people in desperatepoverty.

But there is hope. Together with our partners, we empower vulnerable communities to find practical and sustainable ways out of poverty, including giving them the skills to:

  • Form cooperatives to improve their access to markets and secure a fairer price for their crops.
  • Set up savings and loans to start their own businesses
  • Boost the quality of their seeds and restore soil fertility
  • Add value to their products and make more profit, e.g. by baking and selling bread (300% more)
  • Build warehouses to keep their crops safe from floods and cyclones, compete against large-scale producers and gain new markets
  • Promote pigeon pea recipes to increase consumption in Malawi and prevent hunger.
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Jen Bishop sitting in front of her home in Malawi Credit: Adam Haggerty/Christian Aid
A woman sitting in front of her house in Malawi
Give a gift today

Bring hope and dignity to families in Malawi this Christian Aid Week.