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Paying-in methods

  • Online. Go to our Do It Your Way paying-in form 
  • At the bank. Use the paying-in slip in your fundraising pack, or call 020 7523 2492 to request a new one.
    Complete the paying in slip, and take the cash and any cheques (made payable to Christian Aid) you've collected to your nearest Lloyds bank. Find your nearest Lloyds branch
  • By post. Pay any cash into your/your church’s bank account (please don't send it by post). You can then write a cheque (made payable to Christian Aid) and send it to us at Christian Aid, 35 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RL.
  • By credit or debit card. Pay any cash into your/your church's bank account. You can then make a payment by debit or credit card by calling 020 7523 2492.
  • By bank transfer to Christian Aid. Call the Income Processing Team on 020 7523 2492 to request our bank details for a BACS transfer. When you've made the transfer, please email to confirm that the money's been paid in, and what it's for.
  • Through JustGiving and GiveStar. If you've set up a JustGiving or GiveStar page under our account, the money will automatically be paid to us.
  • Fundraising sponsorship form. Keep track of your donations with our sponsorship form. Once completed, send your sponsorship form to our London office address. Find details on our Contact Us page.

Would you like the money to go to a specific project?

If you'd like the money you've raised to go to a specific project, and be recorded against your church or name, please either:

Handling cash: how to handle it safely

  • Please don’t leave unsecured cash unattended, and make sure you bank both cheques and cash as soon as possible
  • If you can’t bank cash immediately, put it in a safe or other secure place
  • You must make sure that all cash you have collected is counted and recorded by two unrelated people, wherever possible, and the counting should take place somewhere secure


Boost your donation by 25% with Gift Aid

How you pay in your donation is completely up to you. We'll be able to claim back the Gift Aid as long as you send your completed donation forms and sponsorship forms to us.

Don't forget to tell us where the donation was paid in, and the amount.

Got a question?

If you have questions or need some advice on paying in your money, please call us on 020 7523 2493 or email