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Community Partnerships

Lebanon and Iraq

Millions have been forced to flee from war in Syria. Now they need access to education, health services, employment and legal support.

The Syrian conflict has triggered the biggest displacement of people this century. Half of the population have had to leave their homes. Now, 6.5 million people are displaced inside Syria, and millions more have fled across borders as refugees – most to neighbouring Lebanon and Iraq.

Both countries are trying to offer shelter and support, but their economies are already strained by previous conflicts and a history of hosting displaced people. They can't manage the crisis on their own.

men, women and children have fled Syria to escape the war

How is this project helping?

We’re working with partners in Lebanon and Iraq to strengthen the resilience and social cohesion of young refugees, internally displaced people and their host communities.

Our partners can provide education, psychological support, economic empowerment activities, and advocacy. This project will give marginalised individuals better access to the services they need to survive and flourish.


In the cities of Kirkuk and Tikrit, our partners will support 18 to 35-year-olds who are unemployed or have limited working experience, and help them to set up small businesses. They'll provide:

  • life skills training
  • vocational skills training
  • small business start-up kits to graduating participants


In Beirut, our local partner will run eight centres providing support to around 1280 children and their parents or caretakers. They'll provide:

  • education in core subjects like maths, science and English
  • transport to and from the centre, accompanied by a social worker
  • scholarships and financial support for children to attend school or buy school supplies
Young refugee child drawing in art studio

Making your gift go further

Bread for the World is match funding this project 6 to 1, so a £5,000 donation will become a staggering £35,000 - helping to grow economic opportunities for sustainable development.

Find out more by emailing or contacting your local regional office directly.